For more than 20 years now, it has been our business and pleasure to furnish djs, collectors and producers with rare records. Ourselves passionate about music, the records we propose represent a wide range of styles and backgrounds, their common factor being that they more or less all have a jazz or funk tinge to them.

We also offer a selection of breaks and samples to cater for the needs of producers of hip hop and electronic music, and we are regularly called to “provide inspiration” to musicians, radio programmers and film makers (see the Samples & Breaks page).


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Lover of vinyl since childhood and brought up on black american music, we have never since ceased in my efforts to find new sounds, exploring (and still delving ever deeper into) such diverse areas as jazz, oriental groove, soundtracks, modern and old caribbean, afro and latin, library music or “bizarre records”. To further our knowledge, enrich our collection and restock our shelves, we will always consider exchanges. Let us know what you have available for trade.

You will notice that we very rarely offer american records on the site, only really selling US jazz and funk directly on the premises. Our records are all clean and even described as VG+, audibly and visually in more than satisfactory condition.

Finally, whenever you are in Barcelona, please do not hesitate to contact us for an appointment. We are based in the center of the old city and it will be our pleasure to welcome you in person to our office (see address above) >>> kiswell@victorkiswell.com.


Easy to find !


Gilou and Earl Zinger