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Conference and Afro mix – L’Antre Peaux, Bourges – 08th of December 2022

Opening and closing with African records for the local afrofunk band Malabar Afro Club. Before playing I’ll talk about West African music and records during a bit more than an hour. L’Antre Peaux, Blois – 08th of December 2022

Conference and mix – Blois – 20th of October 2022

Conference on the public collection of records of the city of Blois at the Médiathèque Maurice Genevoix – and cumbia mix at Le Chatodo. Blois – 20th of October 2022

Pharaons Superstars – Mucem, Marseille – 21st of June 2022

Will be playing Egyptian music and jazz inspired by the pyramids at the opening of the exhibition “Pharaons Superstars” at the Mucem in Marseille – 21st of June 2022, 9pm, free