B the Magpie

Pekka Pohjola

Virgin, UK, 1975




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If you ever wondered where DJ Shadow found those tasty beats for his “Midnight in a Perfect World”…don’t go further, here it is ! And you won’t be surprised to find out it comes from Finland, uh ? This is the UK pressing for the album “Harakka Bialoipokku”. The genius Pekka Pohjola is on bass and electric piano for the fabulous cut “The Madness Subsides”, the track you were looking for. But check “Life Goes On” and its trippy beats (think Axelrod “Song of Innocence” period). And “Bialoipokku’s War” is a good prog fusion track. Cool fusion album from Finland ! A few groovy moments and interesting LOOPs. Yes, lovely !

||| Pekka Pohjola 1975 UK Virgin LP |||