Brother Rock and Sister Jazz

Alain Leroux / Christer Norden

Cam Cml 163, Italy, 1977




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Rarely seen library album on Cam. One side is written my Alain Leroux and is more or less on the rock tip, the other side is jazz, and composed by Chris Norden. “Crazy Guitars” has italo disco pulsations, with a break intro and possibly some dope sample material for a house tune. “Third Stage” has great drumbrek intro too, while breaks on “Absolutely Rock” are heavier, with powerful guitar riffs. On the other side, two beautiful jazz tracks “Spring in Boston” and “Feel It”, plus a monster uptempo jazz groove tune with fender rhodes called “Melodic Bass”.

||| Alain Leroux / Christer Norden 1977 Italy Cam Cml 163 LP |||

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