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Marvin Martin

Sight & Sound - Vogue, Germany, 1966




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German jazz & pop record from the 60’s. Ultra rare concept album that describe the journey of a famous fashion photographer. It features dialogues with models, camera clicks, laughs, etc… Sometimes psychedelic, with jerk and pop tunes, sometimes easy lounge with cocktail party sound or female scat and whispering, sometimes very jazzy with melodic tunes, this album is really a must ! Tracks are : “Beautiful Bald Woman”, “Mad. Ave Perfume Ad”, “Nanci for Soft Ice”, “Powder Puff”, “Busy Bee”, “Pink Carpet”, “Bunny”, “Close-Up”, “Silky Stockings”, “Red Indian Sirene”, “Size 178-79-55-91”, “Purple Playmate” and “Christmas Cover”. Superb gatefold cover, lots of pictures inside, hard to find !

||| Marvin Martin 1966 Germany Sight & Sound – Vogue LP |||

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