Continental Pop Sound

Pierre-Alain Dahan

Télé Music n°21, France, 1971




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This is one my favorite LPs on Télé Music (as well as Tony Rubio’s “Rythmes”). The minimalist but deep “Slowrama”, downtempo groove with light breaks, heavy bass, hypnotic wah wah & electric piano, will surely make you melt. The LP also includes phasing drums and the three famous tracks “Rythmiques 1, 2 & 3” with dope breaks. This album is often considered as the “baby brother” to Télé Music “Rythmiques”, so you should see what I mean. Other tracks are good pop rock and funk. Writing on front cover (see scan).

||| Pierre-Alain Dahan 1971 France Télé Music n°21 LP |||