Ekeino to Kalokairi

Yannis Spanos

EMI, Greece, 1971




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This Greek record has something of an Italian soundtrack, with groovy tunes and female humming vocals on soft ballads. The groovy tune here is declined in three versions (does this remind you of Piccioni albums ?) : “San me kytas” has a deep groove bass sound, harpsichord, vibes and a vocal duo. “Monaxia” (another version of “San me kytas”) is a downtempo groovy instrumental with cello and flute, which is sublime (first part of the soundclip). “Tet a tet” is another instrumental version with a great mix harpsichord-piano to accentuate the dramatic atmosphere. There are killer samples to take here, plus many other beautiful tracks. A complete album, in excellent condition.

||| Yannis Spanos 1971 Greece EMI LP |||