Il dio serpente

Augusto Martelli

Cinevox, Italy, 1974




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This Italian soundtrack has a famous track called “Beryls Tune”, which is folk funk, uptempo with a cool guitar intro, heavy drums and sitar, “Djamballa” has afro percussions, Axelrod style chanting, heavy drums too, flute, sitar and organ, “Zombies Mood” is just slow bongo lines and chants, the fast “Siempre Cantando” has vocals and a Caribean style tempo, “Ciche-Ton-Ton” has more heavy percussions and panpipes, “Egual” is just strange, “Il Dio Serpente” is a slow exotic churchy tune, and “Beguine Venezuelana” is a bossa with flute (and a splendid sof LOOP intro). Really a nice album.

||| Augusto Martelli 1974 Italy Cinevox LP |||