L’amica di mia madre

Alberto Baldan Bembo

Aris, Italy, 1974




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Oh what an incredible Italian soundtrack ! You may know how much I love Baldan Bembo’s work on OST and library LPs, such as “Lingua d’argento”, “Codice d’amore orientale”, “Io e Mara”, “The Soul of Ali Ben Djamballa”…and this one has a superb sexy / explicit cover art, while the music is excellent : “Night Samba” and “Abat jour” are two lovely latin tracks, “Gonzales Go” and “Pedro Come” are heavy weight medium groove tunes (blaxploitation style), and “Tropical Club”, my favourite, is a marvellous exotic jazz groove ! Very, very rare.

||| Alberto Baldan Bembo 1974 Italy Aris LP |||