Musiikin eksotiikkaa

Jean-Claude Oliver

Kotka, Finland, 1975




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Ultra mega rare Finnish issue of a French library called “Musical Environments” by Jean-Claude Oliver (aka The Mercators). On the same label as Jean-Pierre Sabar’s album from Finland (with the fabulous “Vai vai”), so it seems that there is a link between Bagatelle and Kotka. It features great jazz with a worlwide touch, sometimes afro, bossa and samba. Tracks are the soft “Break of Dawn”, “Seal Baby Seal” with Fender Rhodes, “Mangrove’s Roots” with a cool flute, “Parade of roses” fabulous afro-latin jazz, “Last Ocean” pop track with female vocals, “Orange Grove” with a good percussive intro, and the most interesting “Amazonian Safari”, kind of samba-jazz with a great berimbau intro which reminds me of a Headhunters track. Record in perfect shape, back cover is used.

||| 1975 Jean-Claude Oliver Finland Kotka LP |||

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