Uni Sono

Hi-Hat, Finland, 1975




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Very interesting jazz album from Finland. It took years to find another copy, and I can’t find a weak track on it. Could be considered as the Scandinavian Placebo. Pekka Pohjola is on bass, Olli Ahvenlahti on keyboards, so you know it’s got to be good. “TVL” is a great jazz funk tune with drum break, “Boulevard Blues” has downtempo LOOPs with electric piano, “Chorea Urbana” is jazz & funky with a dope bass+drums break, “Iltatähti” really kills with a deep and spacey downtempo broken beat, very weird and tense. But the must is “Jedi and Rekku” with its fat drumbreak intro with piano and the barking of a dog (!), then heavy breaks in the end of the track. Really amazing, and it’s so so so rare !

||| Uni Sono 1975 Finland Hi-Hat LP |||

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