Ya nefsi toubi

Freh Khodja

EK Records, France, 1978




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Freh Khodja from Algeria recorded this album in Paris back in 1980. He was accompanied with Patrick Petitbon on drums, Eko on keyboards, and Sydney on percussions. The whole album is sung in Arabic, and the session musicians play a westernized sound with oriental flavors, which make this record one of the only Arabian disco funk & pop albums. “Arbya” is the tune, with a terrific intro : serious rhythm, heavy bass, electric piano on “FK n°3”. And there’s also “Ya Atfalou Haya”, a track that sounds a bit like Les Abranis. Quite rare, impossible to find outside of France I presume.

||| Freh Khodja 1978 France EK Records LP |||