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Syd Dale   NEW
Action ! (Amphonic 1005, UK, 1973)
Superb library LP by Steve Grey and Syd Dale : check the easy groove "Winning Is Easy" with an electric piano solo, the drama beat "Looking for a Fight" with jungle breaks, the jazzy chase "Brother Hood", the club dancer "Disco-tek", the groovy latin "Boogaloo" with a tough hip hop LOOP intro, the instrumental bossa "Latin belle" and the pop tune with flute "Nightraider". Great !
LP, Ex/Ex, 60 €
David Snell   NEW
On the Side of the Angels (Programme Music, UK, 1975)
"Crab Apple Jam" of course, a marvellous tight jazz groove from the British harpist David Snell, European counterpoint to Dorothy Ashby.
LP, Ex-/Ex, 70 €
Martial Solal  
Locomotion (PSI 20707, France, 1974)
The best work by Martial Solal in the mid 70's. A shame it was only released on library, on the small label PSI ("African Voodoo", "Dinha Manta's Power"), a sub-label for MPI. Line up includes Solal of course, plus Bernard Lubat on drums and Henri Texier on bass. Superb modal jazz and groove.
LP, Ex/Ex, 300 €
The Big Group  
Big Hammer (Southern, USA, 1971)
Wow ! One of the toughest British library ever, here released on the North American label Southern. You know the track "Heavy Lift" of course, probably the heavy weight tune on this album. But a listening will prove that the whole LP is really solid.
LP, VG/Ex, 150 €
David Wescott  
A Musical Evocation of the Old Testament (Master Plus, Germany)
I haven't seen this library LP that often... Weird electronic project featuring drums and ARP, clavinet, String ensemble, electric piano and other keyboards... Spacy electro disco on "Accross the Jourdan", fat dark LOOP for hip hop on "Passage of the Red Sea", with killer drumbreak and FX.
LP, Ex/Ex, 80 €
Evasio Roncarati / Luidini / Sordini  
MJQ - Riflessioni Musicali per 4 Strumenti (Panda, Italy)
So raaaaare ! This is the one ! The album including "Central Park" by Evasio Roncarati, superb jazzy groove with vibraphone. Some pretty nice breaks ! On the micro (and highly collectable) Italian label Panda Maybe 200 copies pressed only !
LP, Ex/Ex, 250 €
H. Tical (Armando Sciascia)  
Distortions Pop (Sonimage SI 801, France)
Library issue of the legendary Blue Phantom LP called Distorsions (origally released on Kaleidoscope in 72). A must for every psych prog funk collector. Weird atmospheres, distorted guitar, sound effects, fuzz pop rock backing, and breakbeats. Including "Metamorphosis", "Diodo", "Compression", "Equilibrium", "Dipno", "Equivalence"... Almost impossible to find those days... CULT !
LP, Ex-/Ex, 200 €
Armando Sciascia & R. Castiglione  
Musique pour la route (Sonimage SI 803, France)
A nice organ pop "SOS Z2" and a great oriental groove "Desert Heat", plus several good pop & jazzy tracks.
LP, Ex/Ex, 90 €
Syd Dale / Jim Lawless  
Smooth Themes / Swinging Percussion (Amphonic 1006, UK, 1973)
I really love Syd Dale's work but this time it's Jim Lawless' side the most interesting On "Tribal Warfare" and "News Travels Fast" you can imagine James Bond meets "Jungle Obsession" ! Early 70's UK groove exotica with vibraphone or marimba, soft and sensual, with a pinch of jazz. Exquisite ! And they also play like Italians on the bossa jazz "Running in Circles".
LP, Ex/Ex, 50 €
Camille Sauvage  
Fantasmagories (MP 2000 n33, France)
This music library could easily illustrate a scary movie from the early 70's. Lots of tense and haunting sounds and atmospheres.
LP, Ex/Ex, 80 €
Ali Ishfahan / Georg Farid  
All the Arabias (JW 416, UK, 1978)
Interesting British library from two guys whose names sound like pseudonymes. As the title suggests it, it deals with oriental music, featuring oud and fluteand drumbreaks. Tons of samples here, and it's not common.
LP, VG(+)/Ex, 80 €
Gerhard Narholz  
Chappell Mood Music Vol. 15 - Electronic (Chappell, France)
One of the most interesting early electronics albums ! The tracks are written by Walter Waal and Otto Sieben, and Gerhard Narholz conducts the Electronic Studio Orchestra. Very rare, hot demand !
LP, Ex/Ex, 70 €
Jean-Claude Vannier / Karl-Heinz Schfer / Christophe  
April Orchestra Vol. 13 (April, France, 1976)
Marvelous line-up ! Three early and obscure tracks from the French legend Christophe : "Modle 76", "3'30 pour rver" and "Le dernier des mauvais jours", an unknown tracks from Jean-Claude Vannier : "L'ours paresseux", plus the amazing "Nous n'irons plus au Labrador" by Karl-Heinz Schfer, "Bagarre des blousons noirs" by Jean-Claude Naude and "American Vogue" by Didier Batard. Trippy, groovy, jazzy, psychedelic, hypnotic discoid funk !
LP, Ex/Ex, 60 €
Alessandro Alessandroni  
Romance and Drama (Coloursound CS 5, Germany)
A superb and quite unknow Alessandroni release ! Only a few people know that the Italian master did a few library LPs on Coloursound. To me, this one is the best by him on the German label. It has probably more of the French soundtrack sound, than Italian, but I won't complain if Alesandroni imitates Franois de Roubaix. My top recommendation, a beautiful album.
LP, Ex/Ex, 150 €
Milan Kymlicka  
Radio Canada (CBC - Radio Canada n415, Canada, 1975)
Ultra rare Canadian library including featuring the cult Milan Kymlicka. Superb samples and breaks here ! Ready made hip hop tunes ! The good tracks are : "Reggae Music", "Tubular Bells", "Clap for the Wolfman" and "Sundown". Last copy !
LP, VG+/Ex-, 110 €