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Alan Tew   NEW
Drama Suite Vol. 1 (Themes TIM 1025, UK, 1976)
The sequel ! This could be considered as the unreleased score for "Hanged Man II". Tough British groove with electric piano and drama breaks…plus some short skits ripe for sampling. "The Build Up" could easily resume the KPM sound. Killer !
LP, VG+/Ex-, 220 €
Alan Hawkshaw / Alan Parker / Alan Tew   NEW
Pulse of Events (Themes 1023, UK, 1976)
Masterpiece of English funk ! Featuring some of the greatest UK library composers : Hawkshaw, Parker and Tew, the whole Hanged Man crew, add to them David Lindup, Mike Moran and Les's a fantastic line-up. It has a real blaxploitation sound, hard funk on "Troublemaker" and "Stake Out" with clavinet and breaks, "The Investigator" is slow groove with a soft LOOP intro, "Offbeat" has terrific slow paced electro funk breaks, "Task Force" has a drumbreak intro and dope hard funk clavinet. Last but not least, "Inside Information" is a pulsating organ groove. Killer library !
LP, VG/Ex, 120 €
Ennio Morricone / Nico Fidenco / Romolo Grano / Riz Ortolani   NEW
Azione 1 (RCA, France)
High tension ! Cinematic drama jazz on “La prima vittima” (with fem vox) and “Svegliati e uccidi” by Ennio Morricone (orchestra is directed by Bruno Nicolai..) These tunes have surely been used for an Italian gangster movie ! Nico Fidenco’s “Il Texicano” and Riz Ortolani’s “Fino all ultimo colpo” have the perfect Italian western movie sound. Other tracks are written by Gino Marinucci and Carlo Rustichelli (the usual 70’s Italian soundtrack sound). Th ecover is a bit tired, but believe me, this is a mad rare Italian library !
LP, VG(+)/Ex, 110 €
The Rapture   NEW
New Times (Vol. 12) (Orly, France)
Big demand on this amazing album featuring René Costy and Willy Albimoor (of Chakachas fame). "Funky pop" is a good uptempo organ tune, "The Longest Night " has dope samples, "Off limits" is a nice slow groove and "The Devil's Ride", "Keep It Up" and "Pop in Three" are excellent pop grooves with interesting breaks. Don't miss it !
LP, --/Ex, 70 €
Ali Ishfahan / Georg Farid  
All the Arabias (JW 416, UK, 1978)
Interesting British library from two guys whose names sound like pseudonymes. As the title suggests it, it deals with oriental music, featuring oud and flute…and drumbreaks. Tons of samples here, and it's not common.
LP, VG+/Ex, 80 €
Billy & Friends (Puccio Roelens)  
Buenas noches angel mio (Vedette, Spain, 1971)
Superb exotic sitar groove on "I Found My Love In Portfolio" and the legendary "Hua Hua Rock" (here called "Encontre mi amor en Portofino" and "Ua ua Rock"). Cool beats and samples too. Don't miss this Italian record that involves Puccio Roelens, Armando Sciascia and Francesco Anselmo under the name Billy & Friends ! And notice that is is a surprising Spanish issue of a kind of Italian library. What a piece !
LP, Ex-/Ex, 50 €
Shades of Rock (Impress, UK, 1974)
Heavy drumbreaks on this library that remind me directly of Eddie Warner's "Progressive Percussions" on IM. Some nice psych organ groove here too.
LP, Ex/Ex, 50 €
Yvon Rioland & Marc Goldfeder  
Gold (Ampltude n°6, France)
Top laidback groove and funky breaks on this obscure French library. Not really discovered yet.
LP, Ex/Ex, 75 €
Di Jarrell (Amedeo Tommasi)  
April RCA Vol. 5 (April RCA, France, 1976)
Italian industrial jazz and experimental, minimal electronics, reverse tape, phlanged, sound effects, etc… Think François de Roubaix or Lesiman. Very interesting album by Amedeo Tommasi under a pseudonyme. Generic cover.
LP, --/Ex, 35 €
Eddy Warner / John Scott / George van Parys / Archie Gunn  
Drama Tension (Conroy 150, UK, 1976)
Some drama beats and cool horror samples here by Eddie Warner and co.
LP, Ex/Ex, 50 €
Cecil Leuter  
Pop électronique (Creasound, France)
Cult early electronics ! This is the wonderful album by Cecil Leuter aka Roger Roger, filled with electronic tricks and heavy drumbreaks. What a groove ! Getting crazy rare nowadays.
LP, Ex/Ex, 250 €
Claude Perraudin  
Mutation 24 (RCA, France, 1977)
Crazy French electronic music from the 70s. Some of the tracks have more a spacy feel, some are on the funky side. Excellent (and very modern) beats if you are into hip hop, or a good addition to your mix if you dig electro. Tracks are “Incantation”, “La dame aux tarots”, “Guitare blessée”, “Les brumes de Villiers”, “Arc en ciel”, “Arc en ciel II”, “L’oiseau sorcier”, “Mutation 24”, “Almicantarat” and “Le petit casino”.
LP, Ex-/Ex, 60 €
Claude Perraudin & Monday's Singers  
Voices (Patchwork n°14, France)
Very similar to Janko Nilovic material. The whole pop-groove-psych-latin-jazz thing… full of scat vocals ! "Concerto d'Atlantide" (sounds like Ennio Morricone), "Gainsbooker" (maybe a wink to Serge Gainsbourg), "Synthetic Sunshine", "Cantate dans la nuit" and "Vampirette". Don't forget those : "Brasilissimo", "Jefferson" (superb scat vocals on this one), and "Indicawawa" (sitar groove). Very rare and amazing. A must !
LP, Ex/Ex, 60 €
Jean Claudric  
Pop 74 (Jasmin Productions, France)
Very rare album by Jean Claudric, on the small French library label Jasmin. Some good beats on "Gust of Wind", groovy wah wah chase track with electric violin, breaks and stabs on "A Trump Card", pop fuzz on "Hurly Burly", "Groovy pop and breaks KPM style on "High Cranberry", plus the groovy pop "Dog Days". A very good one, remaining unknown to most. In excellent shape, only slightly warp.
LP, Ex/Ex, 150 €
Guerra e angoscia (Rotary 1005, Italy, 1973)
Italian crime jazz, spacy electronics, simply a must.
LP, Ex/Ex, 250 €