Cottonwoodhill + Psychonaut


Bellaphon, Germany

2 x LP



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No doubt, Brainticket is one of the most amazing bands of all time. And this double album is the reunion of their best and cult two LPs “Cottonwoodhill” and “Psychonaut”. Musically it’s krautrock meets crazy electronics, and you will find something new each time you’ll listen to it. The 25 min long suite “Brainticket” will totally blow your mind ! The other good tracks here to me are : “Radagacuca” (with sitar), “Like a Place in the Sun”, “Watching You” (killer groove with FX), “Black Sand” and “Places of Light” (superb flute). Trippy, dark and violent, groovy and catchy German rock with storming organ and mad electronic effects, that’s what it is.

||| Brainticket Germany Bellaphon LP |||

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2 x LP