Ettore lo fusto / In nome del popolo italiano

Francesco de Masi / Carlo Rustichelli

Music Parade, Italy, 1972




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Wow ! Mega rare Italian album featuring two soundtracks : “In nome del popolo italiano”, composed by Carlo Rustichelli, orchestrated by Gianfranco Plenizio, and “Ettore lo fusto” composed and directed by Francesco de Masi. Side A has pop, jazz and bossa sounds, the regular Italian OST sound… but side B has several killer tracks : “Ettore lo fusto” is psych pop with organ, “Il tallone di Achille” is a great groovy / big beat with flute and organ, “Doppio punto” is a joyous organ beat, and “Menelao Shake” has psychedelic organ, hard drums and breaks. Great !

||| Francesco de Masi / Carlo Rustichelli 1972 Italy Music Parade LP |||

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