Modern Pop Percussion

Vincent Gemignani

Concert Hall, France, 1972




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Superb avant-garde / experimental jazz album by Vincent Gemignani and his Ensemble de Percussion de Paris. Here Gemignani used a wide range of instruments and experimented a great variety of sounds : clubby samba jazz with fem chorus on “Liberalia”, weird groove with breaks on “Condylura”, pop and scat on “Titania”, drumbreaks and scary sounds on “Promothée”, excellent jazz groove with breaks on “Insidieusement les Elfes”, and of course “Ophis le serpentaire”… Pure abstract hip hop beats ! One of my favorite records produced in France, very hard to find now ! Cover has some writings on it, record is in excellent shape.

||| Vincent Gemignani geminiani 1972 France Concert Hall LP |||

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