Stoned Drums

Michel Delaporte

Connection, France, 1971




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Wow ! Very rare album by Michel Delaporte and Marc Chantereau (the percussionist of the Télé Music label). Full of heavy percussive groovy tracks with lots of breaks : “Slums” sounds like an afro funk version of “Shaft”, “Dagah” has good tabla, “Mahi” has latin percussions and lovely vibes, “Afrobin” is a massive afro funk tune, “Mussels in Motion” has solo percussions (in the Incredible Bongo Band vein), and “Cap Skirring” has wild drum breaks all the way. A cult album with a splendid cover sheet. Reminds me a lot of Nino Nardini’s masterpiece “Jungle Obsession”.

||| Michel Delaporte 1971 France Connection LP |||